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What Is Colombian Coke? (Buy colombian coke online)

Buy colombian coke online: Colombia is the world’s #1 producer of cocaine, according to both the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the United States’ Department of State.

While nobody exactly knows how much coca is cultivated and how much cocaine is produced and subsequently exported, both the UNODC and the US State Department make annual estimations of the size of the illicit industry.

In 2019, Colombia had 154,000 hectares of coca cultivation, according to the United Nations, whose method of measuring is considerably more transparent than that of the US.

Buy colombian coke online, This coca would have produced 1,137 metric tons of cocaine, according to the latest UN coca monitoring survey.

Cocaine is one of the few products grown, processed, exported and distributed in the Third World. Exports alone are valued at about half the world coffee trade if estimates of deliveries to consumer countries are combined. Buy colombian coke online, But when bulk shipments are broken down for the individual customer, prices skyrocket by over 300 percent. Banking illegal cocaine earnings, however, is far more complicated than banking coffee income.

Colombia, Peru and Bolivia remain the most important cocaine-producing countries, but the business has now spread to most of South America. Central American and Caribbean nations are involved too, but primarily as trans-shipment and financial centers. Buy colombian coke online, From the thousands of peasant families who grow coca leaves to the few billionaire drug barons who direct much of the production, processing and trafficking of cocaine, earnings wield enormous economic, social and political influence in Latin America. Buy colombian coke online, Apart from the corrupting power of such huge sums of narco-dollars on police and judicial systems, Congressmen are elected with cocaine funds, banks are sustained or broken by trafficking groups and exchange rates fluctuate in sympathy with the state of the trade.

Coca Cultivation (Buy colombian coke online)

Coca leaves have been used in rituals to alleviate hunger and to relieve the effects of living at high altitudes in the Andes mountains and the Amazon lowlands for at least 5,000 years.  When chewed, coca, a natural anesthetic, numbs the mouth and produces a lightheadedness. Brewed as a tea, the leaves make a milder stimulant than coffee. Buy colombian coke online, Because millions of South Americans, highland peasants and Indians, fiercely defend these traditional uses of coca, the cultivation of coca is licensed in many areas. A very small part of the crop is also exported legally for medical and other purposes.

Coca Production Estimates

Buy colombian coke online, Yields vary considerably according to the variety grown, soil, climate and level of investment in the plantation. The Tingo Maria area in the eastern foothills of the Peruvian Andes can produce six harvests a year, while the average is three or four. Even with minimal inputs and attention, one hectare of mature coca plants produces a ton of coca leaves in 12 months. It takes 300 pounds of coca leaves to produce one pound of cocaine. However, some varieties, especially the tall, bushy Amazon plant, have a much lower cocaine content than others.

The Conversion Process

Buy colombian coke online Because the coca leaves are bulky, the first stage of processing sometimes, but not always, occurs after the leaves are dried and takes place near the growing area.  The leaves are usually steeped in petrol or kerosene to produce a sloppy mixture that is treated with sulphuric acid, lime, potassium permanganate or other substances according to local methods and prices.  When dried, the mixture forms a crude paste that is normally moved elsewhere for more sophisticated refining into cocaine hydrochloride, the white powder.

Cocaine Earnings

Attempts to stamp out coca by substituting other crops have had limited success in Peru and Bolivia. Nothing else provides a comparable income. Buy colombian coke online, The US-assisted control program around Tingo Maria has razed 4,000 hectares of coca and paid some compensation to growers. But the farmers say other crops require more fertilizer and pest control and derive far less income.’

How much is being produced?

According to the UNODC report, the coca production acreage in Colombia last year was the highest ever recorded level, increasing by 25,000 hectares from 2016.

The total acreage under coca cultivation was an estimated 17% higher in 2017 than 2016.

The report said the potential production of cocaine had a value of $2.7bn (£2bn) in the local market.

The UN said the region bordering the Pacific ocean in Colombia was the most intensively cultivated.

How is it being tackled?

Buy colombian coke online, The country has fought for years against cocaine production, with the US providing around $400m annually to assist in Colombia’s war on drugs.

Last year, Colombia also signed a $300m agreement with the UN aimed at reducing the production of cocaine by compensating farmers who agree to switch from growing coca to safer crops.

Where Colombia’s coca is grown?

UNODC data indicated that most of Colombia’s coca is grown in the Catatumbo region, and the south western provinces like Nariño, Cauca and Putumayo where state neglect has historically been the norm.

In an apparent response to increased eradication efforts in southern Colombia, coca cultivation in northern regions like Bajo Cauca and Southern Bolivar has increased over the past few years.

How Easy Is It To Get Cocaine in Colombia?

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